FAT2: Research

December has always been the busiest month for me and it has been pretty tough trying to balance or even find time to focus and continue with my research. But since it is already January 2015, there will be another major deadline soon hence it is time to get back into the ‘study mode’ although I am sure I’ll be having another tough time when I officially start my day job again next week. I am here in the public library once again in my hometown and currently in the midst of planning and looking for ideas to continue my FAT2 project.

I came across this book called “The Tamu: Sabah’s Native Market as a reference for this project. With relevant information and more visuals, I am planning to continue with what I left of from my FAT1 project and create a ‘campaign’ to promote this native market, mostly targeted to tourist and younger generations.


Fig 1. Sabah Tourism Board’s print ad.

The above picture happened to be on the last page of the book and upon seeing it, I’ve also decided to have Sabah Tourism Board as my potential project client to work with. Apart from that, I am also looking into re-designing Sabah Tourism Board’s brochure/booklet, applying contemporary design elements to suit my target audience. My keyword ‘authentic’ will still play an important role in this project, so I will need to work on my ideas to have the outcome that I am visualising in my head.


Fig 2. Tamu in the past.


Fig 3. Tamu in the past



Fig 4. Tamu in present day.


Fig 5. Tamu in present day.


    Fig 6. Tamu in present day.

Fig 6. Tamu in present day.

    Fig 7. Tamu in present day.

Fig 7. Tamu in present day.

Tamu offers the opportunity to meet the local people, and experience the way they live in distinctly different cultures and yet in harmony with one another and with nature.

Tamu provides ‘authentic’ encounter with the rich cultural, culinary and traditional aspects of the lives of Sabah’s many ethnic groups.


H.S, Chong., A.F, Low., (2008), The Tamu: Sabah’s Native Market, Opus Publications

Available at:


(assessed on 2 January 2015)


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