Some work in progress from my sketchbook for FAT1 project. Started from a mind map and then continued on with visual research, illustration and hand lettering.

20141121183130_002 20141121183130_003



FAT1 Project

For my FAT1 project, I have selected my keyword ‘Authentic’ as a start of point in this project. I plan to create a mini booklet to promote the local open market in my hometown, Sabah Borneo. In this open market, there are quite a number of authentic goods that are being sold there. While the indigenous people are familiar with the goods, there are still some (especially tourist and non-local people) who are still unaware of these unique authentic goods. These authentic goods truly represent the Kadazandusun people in my hometown and since these goods are not mass produced to the big markets, it can only be found in the open market, which the locals fondly called it ‘Tamu’.

I’ve created 3 possible spreads for this booklet, with the idea of making the spreads to have a raw-like feel to it hence the technique that I’ve used is more traditional (ie. drawing, painting & handlettering). The colour mood for this booklet is also vibrant as to represent the people and the environment of the open market. I personally feel my concept and the linkage of my keyword still seem a little bit ‘loose’ although my tutor Kerry mentioned that the whole idea is workable. I am planning to continue this project in FAT2, but probably will go into a different direction in terms of the art style.